PLEASE watch this video and pray for him

  1. <center>Please pray for this baby... He is so brave and God is letting him hang on for a reason.

    <center>Please pass this on.

    <center>Pray for baby Kaleb.

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    i dont know why it's not showing up =[
  2. My God... the babysitter who did this is FREE?????
  3. it really is so horrible how people who take care of children could actually do this to one. What a sad world when the people we trust with our children's lives do something like this.

  4. That's so sad. =(
  5. poor sweet little boy. I can not imagine the pain the family is going through. It is so sick how we trust people to take care of our little ones and they do such horrific things like this to them.
  6. Thats really sad..
  7. I am surprised at how empty and deserted this thread is.

    Baby Kaleb is in my prayers...
  8. That poor beautiful child.:crybaby:I'm praying for him.
    I can say right now that if that were my child, I would kill that babysitter.:cursing:
  9. I just did a little more googling on this matter...These people are from Tampa,FL...which is my hometown.

    I also found the baby shakers arrest inquiry & pic of the lady. I can't post it on here b/c it won't save.
  10. i got tears in my eyes.. that poor baby
  11. They don't actually know if it's shaken baby syndrome done by the babysitter. I found this in another news story about the alleged babysitter

    I copied this from an LJ community:
    The baby had only been with the sitter 5 days. They had done a background check, drug check and reference check on her and she was squeaky clean, not a single bad thing ever said about her. She had been in the business like 10 years. She said that everyday she told them something was wrong with kaleb and they didnt listen and the 5th he went to the hospital. Its now the parents word against hers...

    This article:
    also states that the baby had been sick for days before the babysitter ever met him and that the mother left a "fishy" myspace message on a friend's account about being sick of drama with her sick baby.

    I'm not saying the babysitter is innocent, and I feel awful for poor Kaleb, but I think there's more to this story than meets the eye.
  12. That is very sad, but i do think something fishy is going on after what i just read above....
  13. What a beautiful baby boy. Watching this video just breaks my heart - I cannot understand how anybody, babysitter, parents, grandparent, stranger would want to shake a baby. It is never that bad. If you find yourself getting angry or frustrated, put the baby down and walk away for a few minutes.