please warn your children of THE CHOKING GAME

  1. I just posted a reply to the thread on the 7 yr old commiting suicide. This could be the result of a deadly "pass out" game known as THE CHOKING GAME that is killing children and teens. Please google
    the choking game and warn the parents and teacher and children that you come in contact with. I will try to get find some links but I am not very good with computers.
    I watched a program on this in Canada, I believe it was W5 on CTV Toronto.
    Many parents are now living with the grief an guilt over thinking that their seemingly happy popular children committed suicide,when they may have been victims of this extremely dangerous game.

    I found this site You can also search choking game
  2. my friends and I used to play something like this except in the pool...we'd each try to hold our breaths the longest and once my sister blacked out from this and honestly it was the single most scariest thing ever! I can't believe kids are going as far as binding a rope/belt to the closet and hanging themselves from it...i'm sorry but that's just crazy and sad. =(
  3. A deadly game is killing kids. A thread in another forum made remember a program that I watched on a Canadian show W5 on CTV Canada. There is a extremely dangerous game and young children and teens are playing it. It is a type of "pass out" game! Please google THE CHOKING GAME and warn your children,friends ,teachers and anyone you know with young children. Many parents are living with the guilt and grief that their young children could commit suicide when they may have been playing this deadly game.

    I found a few links but i don't know how to post them?

    www.still and (search choking game)
  4. I'm surprised that this game is getting this much attention now...It's been going on for decades. Hell, my dad even said his friends played it in middle school
  5. I didn't click but I know what the links go to, thank God my kids are nowhere old enough for this stuff. I'm not ready.
  6. thank you for posting the links! I have a 7 year old and a 5 year old. I wonder if the kids are actually playing this game at recess, parents house or where? Where would they even talk about his subject? during school? just curious if I need to go to my daughters EVERY recess! (kidding...kinda)
  7. This has been going on for a while, but it is important to talk to kids about the dangers in this. I have a coworker who lost her son to the choking game a few years ago. They ruled it a suicide, but found out later that he and his friends had been playing the choking game. He was only 12.
  8. Stupidly, my friends and I did this back in the early '80s when in my early teens. It was a major rush. And MAJORLY stupid I know.
  9. When I was a stupid, curious little kid, I once wrapped a piece of elastic tubing around my neck, squeezed and let go.

    I remember feeling such a rush, but when I told my mom about it, she put on this very serious tone and asked me, "Do you want to strangle yourself?"

    I never did it again.
  10. One of my stepsons' classmates died a couple of years ago--I think they were 11 when it happened. He was found hanging in his room. My stepsons mentioned the Choking Game at the time and my poor DH just about had kittens. He spoke to them at length about it and had me give them some medical info re: anoxic brain injuries--a fate worse than death IMO.
  11. That's some really scary stuff, I hope it gets under control and no one further get hurts by it. :sad:
  12. I was/am too much of a wimp to play these games. Thank goodness.

    Schools should definitely make an effort to inform kids about the dangers of this game and attempt to create stigmas that would be associated with it. If kids could see these kinds of games as uncool and stupid, they most likely wouldn't want to do it.
  13. I used to play this in middle school. My best friend passed out once for a LONG TIME and we all thought she was dead, it was a life changing experience.