Please vote!!

  1. Should I go for the 200:supacool:8 Metallic in light silver or the darker silver?
  2. I vote for dark silver. I like the rich color of it.
  3. Ditto, dark silver. It's really quite the chameleon!
  4. Can I just ask if the 'light silver' is the same as the one released previously? If so, I will most probably go for the 'dark silver.'
  5. dark silver is my vote
  6. dark silver!
  7. dark!
  8. I vote Dark Silver!
  9. Another vote for dark silver. Looks like the most popular so far :smile:
  10. i would choose the light silver in the smallest size for an evening bag ~ but the dark silver is :love: & i think you could use it day or evening in any size
  11. DS of course! :smile:
  12. dark silver!
  13. ITA with that ! I have the light silver iin 225 from last year's Christmas's collection and it's the most stunning bag I've seen so far ! I use it only for special occassions though,cause the 225 looks very tiny on me otherwise:yes:
  14. Dark Silver. Seems it would be able to coordinate with more colors.
  15. another vote for dark silver.