Please Vote: White or Red Caviar Classic Flap


Vote plz: White caviar classic flap or Red caviar classic flap

  1. White! Snow White!

  2. Upcoming 07 Spring Red!

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  1. Hi all, due the price hike, and all those great pics of the white caviar flap bag I saw on this forum....I finally made that one call at the very very last minute and ordered a medium white caviar flap bag, of which the $1595 price tag finally became history.

    BUT, I am also waiting for the upcoming red caviar flap bag. And honestly I am not sure if I can afford both red and white...I am broke and am still waiting for the must-have gold Dior ballerina flats. So if you have to choose, would you pick Red? or White?
  2. I have both hikaru... I really really really love my red lambskin. I'm sure your caviar would be as precious too!
  3. I have always wanted a red caviar chanel but find that not all red tone looks good on caviar. basically i am really picky with how the red looks like.....

    that's why I feel like, I could just get the white now b4 the price hike and if i decide i like the red more i can always return the white one back to Saks.

  4. exactly...u might not know if u really like the red tone colour on caviar..
    At the end of the day...u still have the white
  5. that makes sense too... the red for s/s 07 looks TDF though.
  6. ^ yea, I wish I know how the red looks like IRL now!!!!
  7. BTW, I forgot to mentioned my concern with white is that I might worry about keeping it clean that I might end up storing it in my closet....worry about color transfer from clothes and worry about yellowing in the long run.
  8. spray the white with a good shoe protector, thats what i did and dirt just wipes off
    as far as the gold Dior ballet slippers, how much are they? have you seen the Tory Burch ballets? TDF and "only" $195...they come in gold too (i have them in orange) s00000 comfy because the back has that gathering around the edges ....there are waiting lists! its amazing, even camels in the Sahara Desert, practically, are waitlisted for the things.........but you should check them out (Saks) (Neimans will be getting)
  9. OMG, that pair of Dior flats are TDF, so comfy as I tried them during the trunk show. it's $395. The gold is really unique, not a normal blingy gold at all. it looks more like crackled, though the leather is smooth. I have to get's the perfect color to go with my bronze khaki cabas.
    Dior Ballerina.jpg
  10. well congrats on the white bag! i think you could go either or....but from what i have read from your posts you want the red one the could always resell the white on ebay if you want the red when it comes out?

    i have seen the dior flats you are talking about, not in the gold color, but they are cute!
  11. Keep the white! Especially if you're broke...why risk spending more $ on something you may not even like?
  12. actually with Saks relaxing return policy I think I will have no problem returning the white if i really fall in love with the red, i just hope I will see the red in the upcoming trunk show in my area.
  13. i will hold onto the white till i see the red at the trunk show.
  14. the caviar is great against color transfer, very durable too. Red is tunning but what happen when the RED=IN phase went away? Do you normally wear red prior the Red=In phase? My vote goes to white as it's classic and w/the caviar, there isn't much you need to worry about.
    PS. the dior flats are soo cute w/the Gaucho buckle!
  15. Well, honestly I don't care much about trends of color, I do always think a gal should always have 1 red purse in her wardrobe, and I did have a red b-bag b4 but sold it since b-bay leather quality was going down hill IMO.

    actually to be honest I am neither a red gal nor a white gal, I have both of these colors in my wardrobe but they are not my usual colors I wear. lately I wear lots of purple, blueish, teal, grey, and black, i found that these colors flatten my figure and look good with my skin tone. But again, in general my wardrobe has pretty much all rainbow colors. so either the red or white bag won't be a bag i will use too often, at least compare to my black or bronze chanel bags.

    BTW, it's so interesting that the 2 colors have been pretty much tie so far. I need more ppl to vote!!!