Please vote -- which vert thyme bag?


Which one would you choose/prefer?

  1. vert thyme RH city

  2. vert thyme RH day

  3. vert thyme RH part time

  4. other (please specify)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I have liked the look of vert thyme ever since the sample came out. My problem is deciding which bag to get. You know, some colours/leathers work particularly well in a particular style.

    So, which one would you pick? Vert thyme RH city, day, part time, other?
    vert thyme work resised.jpg vertthyme1.jpg vertthyme3.jpg
  2. I voted for other because I feel that the Vert Thyme works better with Giant Hardware! Personally I prefer SGH, but I've seen GGH Vert Thyme in pics posted on tPF and they were gorgeous too!
  3. ooouuuu this is a hard one...I really like the vert thyme too... I get the "colours/leathers work particularly well in a particular style".... but I'm not not feeling like this is one of those colors. This is a great neutral bright. I think vert thyme looks fabulous on all the styles you've put on the poll. So the question is...which style suits you best?
  4. Good question.

    I haven't tried the day but am thinking about one. I have two cities and I love the size, they actually pack a lot more than I first thought. They do look different on me than many people here since I am tall (5'10"). I am trying the part-time. I was surprised how much bigger than a city it is. Still exploring but I love the slightly longer handles. Although I can wear the city handles on my shoulder over light clothing it looks slightly ridiculous I fear, on my tall frame. I do love the size of the city, it's just right for me, but am thinking that the part time might suit me better, perhaps? Can't comment on the day yet. Have I confused you yet?
  5. Yes, I love the look of vert thyme with SGH, and even gold! But somehow it's not me, and I love the lightness of the RH bags.

    I have to say though, the giant hardware is growing on me, surprisingly. There are so many here that wear it so beautifully. I just fear it's not me.
  6. Yeah I understand - I didn't get into GH until the silver ones came out. It was a bit OTT for me (the gold) but there are girls here who wears it so well!

    I never owned a day before last week, and having gotten 2 beautiful day bbags, I'm loving them. In fact, I haven't used my other bbags since I got the day. I love that I can fit so much in them and the bag doesn't look weird. I love the deep pockets, and I love how it sits on the shoulder so well. Give the day a go :p
  7. I voted for the PT, I have a feeling it's going to look great in vert thyme!
  8. I voted for the day since you already have 2 cities. But like Blessings said, vert thyme is one of those colors that will look good in almost any style :yes:
  9. ^i'm the 2nd one to give the Day style my vote. i do personally feel the same, that certain colours look nicer with certain styles. i think a VT Work with giant hw would be nice, too.
  10. I voted for the City w/RH. I'm also not a big fan of the GH but so many PFer's wear it so well and looks great on them but not me. I know you already have 2 cities, but if they work well for you and that is what you love, then you should stay with that. I'm a great example of this......I had a flat messenger (straps were too short), box (too compact), 2 twiggys (just didn't like the long style) and they were all let go because the City worked the best for me. :yes:
  11. I voted for the day! :tup: Give the day a shot, I'm kinda tall I guess 5'9.5"ish hahaha I love it! It always stays on the shoulder, fits over coats no problem! The sag makes it seem not as large as you would think.
  12. I chose the City. I prefer the Part-Time with the GH. The Day is cute but I like the City style better.
  13. I LOVE the city RH - what a great color!!
  14. I voted for the City with RH, but I also think that the Day with SGH would be a fabulous choice for VT!!!
  15. City w/ rh it is gorgeous. I like the first pic the best.