please vote...ostrich birkin 30

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which color for ostrich birkin 30

  1. graphite phw

  2. graphite ghw

  3. bleu sapphire phw

  4. bleu saphire ghw

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. ostrich 30 in graphite or bleu sapphire?
    which color do you think is more versatile...easy to wear and yet can be a dress up bag??
  2. Graphite! But I love Bleu Sapphire more!
  3. Blue sapphire
  4. I just love blue ostrich bags but if you are more of a neutral person then the graphite is better. My choice would also depend upon your other bags and how often you intend to carry your birdie.
  5. in photos that i've searched, i am more pulled by the blue. however i am obsessed by the color grey...currently have a graphite b, etain constance and etoupe lindy...also a blue jypsiere...and a craie b. i would love to carry this birdie quite often...maybe not daily but several times a week.
    i did not put kelly as an option..but thats always an option too.
  6. #6 Apr 19, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2016

    I think in this case I would choose the graphite ostrich, my first love after seeing a fellow tpfer posting her pics. I like it with phw. The blue is more eyecatching and I would prefer that with ghw. This will probably not be your last H bag, so you can add more blues later. In fact, your collection is colourwise very much to my own liking.

    If you are looking for a statement bag, something that is eyecatching the blue with ghw would be my choice.

    As I wrote my first love was graphite with phw, but nowadays the blue ostrich with ghw has become more to my liking, because I already have those classic greys with phw in my collection and gravitate more towards ghw nowadays, partly because of my H jewellery. I would not wear my ostrich so often so I would not invest in a neutral gray.

    Sadly I have not yet been offered an ostrich at H, despite requesting it twice. Fortunately I have always been able to buy another bag to my liking.

    Like some wise tpers say " the bag needs to sing to you" and you wrote you are more pulled to the sapphire after seeing the pics. Just listen to yourself, usually the first impression is the best. Afterwards we start to reason and become doubtful.

    I like to match the hw with my jewellery so phw for everyday, mostly for work and travelling. Ghw more for summer and festive occasions or when I like my bag to bling. Is the hw colour combined with jewellery a preference for you too?
  7. i used to be strictly white metal jewellry ...but now mix in more gold...i think my problem is that i always think it will be "the last bag" , when we all know that is not likely the case. aaahhhhhh!!!!
  8. Blue on bird is stunning

  9. I was like that too, only diamonds and platinum or occasionally wg. All inherited gold pieces just waiting to be carried. After discovering H I gradually fell in love with ghw, because some colours/leathers work IMO so much better with ghw.

    I've started to think I will round up my H collection with an exotic and then be happy but we always need a little luxury in our lives and there is no comparison to H in leather goods. My last LV bag was an exotic, so perhaps it will be like that with H too. But at the moment I don't have to end buying H bags. Still need some more classics and hopefully the perfect exotic.

    Good luck with your decisions, my final vote goes to the Bleu Saphire ostrich with ghw.
  10. i am sure your birdie will soon be in your future! ive heard they are more available now.
  11. thank you so much for your input! and good luck to you too! it's ironic because i am still missing the most basic and classic of bags...the black b with ghw...i cannot seem to get my hands on this one!!

  12. Thank you ️ I heard this too and hope to get it confirmed at FSH.

  13. This is what I'm starting to look for too, unless I'm offered a K in black box ( will probably not happen, more likely rouge H). You make me smile, we share the same taste and love birdies

    My current exotic dilemma is, why settle for a B30 in ostrich if one can get a B25 i croc since I'm thinking about just one exotic, the queen of my collection. I already have my barenia princess...
  14. Bleu Saphire is such a beautiful colour!!! It is richer than graphite, and also more exciting. Graphite is too "usual" IMO.
  15. :woohoo: