PLEASE vote on which bbag you like best from my shared collection for this fall

  1. HI Gals,

    I LOVE your threads... here is my gf and I share bags. She lives in another I need your help in picking which bag I should use for this fall and why. Of course there might be the option of me snagging my paw paw on the new fall color, for me pick PLEASE
    bbag2.jpg bbag3.jpg bag4.jpg
  2. i love the first one! i'm also partial to red bbags soo.. :smile:
  3. ^I think I'm colorblind :push:...I thought that was rose!
    I think all are pretty, but imo, I think the middle bag (cafe?) would make a good fall bag. :yes:
    It's a great neutral tone, and would go with everything you wear. But, on the other hand, if your wardrobe already consists of a lot of neutrals, then the 1st or 3rd (ocean?) could provide the "pop" to complete your outfit. Good luck w/your decision!! :tup:
  4. hehe sorry i'm probably the bal-color blind one. you're right, it is rose.. :smile:
  5. Vote for the red one. :yes:
  6. I vote for the one in the middle! Gorgeous, though, ALL of them!

  7. Ha?
    The first pic is red?
    I am with you too Pluiee, I thought it was Rose :rolleyes:

    Though I still vote for that :p
  8. I like the cornflower.
  9. I do LLLOve the cornflower. for some reason it seems to be the softest of the 3...I'm just so confused because I do love pink (rose) too!!!
  10. you see this is why I cannot share!
  11. I love colourful accessories (bags) as a statement piece. I would keep the Rose & Cornflower.
  12. Cornflower is my pick!
  13. bagnshoofetish!! LOL!!!!!!!!
    p.s. how are you all posting pics so they appear so much bigger?
  14. I save them in photoshop as at least 150 dpi and size them so they are at least 6 - 8" wide.
  15. oh wait! you are talking about your photos! we click on one and it opens up big and then we just cut and paste it into our post.