Please vote!!! neep hlep ..dark silver 226 or jumbo black caviar

  1. I know gals.. metallic dark silver seem to be a lot more interesting choice!! however, i've already owned one rose gold 226 ...and love it loads!!

    I 've been wanting the jumbo caviar for agesss (never have the jumbo chanel) ..however, one of my friend might wanna sell her dark silver in 226..I really need some advice, should i get the dark silver (226) or get the classic jumbo in black caviar ?? :confused1::confused1::confused1:

    thanks in advance for ur commments !
  2. Definitely dark silver reissue, it's gorgeous and easy to match color....if you have extra funds, you can always get the jumbo caviar later.
  3. Hmmm... can you only have one? :nuts: If that's the case, I would get the black caviar Jumbo... I have both the dark silver 226 reissue and the Jumbo, and adore both, but I feel like the Jumbo is more practical while still being chic. :tup: Plus, you already have the gorgeous (and super rare!) rose gold 226 reissue, which is similar to the dark silver reissue. :smile: If you can get the Jumbo after buying the dark silver reissue, then go for it, but if it's just the one bag you can get, go for the Jumbo IMHO. :smile: :flowers: Let us know what you decide! :tup: :heart:
  4. the black caviar jumbo is absolutely lovely and seems more practical
    butttt the dark silver is also divine.
    i say.. go for the dark silver and get the black jumbo later on hehe
  5. Ahhhh I love the rose gold reissue!! If it were me and I already had a metallic reissue, I would go for the jumbo black caviar. It's such a useful bag to have.

    However, that's just my opinion and I think whichever way you go, you can't go wrong. How lucky you are to be in this position! :balloon:
  6. Ooooooh tough. The dark silver is beautiful and difficult to attain.. but the caviar jumbo is verstaile and function! Personally I would go with the caviar jumbo because you already have a gorgeous reissue!
  7. since you already have the Rose Gold Reissue. Then the Black Jumbo makes more sense for your collection...Goodluck!
  8. classic jumbo. You'll never tire of it. Though maybe all the blingey metallics are just not my thing.
  9. I agree with all the other jumbo since you already have a metallic reissue.
  10. That's a tough call ... they're both so nice, BUT like others have also said, since you already have a metallic reissue, maybe the Jumbo is the way to go.
  11. I think these bags serve totally different purposes.

    I love my jumbo but it's not an evening bag.
  12. sounds to me as if your leaning towards the jumbo! ~ they are both lovely bags :love: ~ have fun choosing!
  13. I vote for the Jumbo Black Caviar! You will get so much use out of this bag. I love its understated elegance.
  14. Dark silver :smile: you can always get black :smile:
  15. Jumbo.
    Since you already have a 226. The jumbo would be able to fit for stuff in it and is more classic. Dark silver is nice but ur rose gold is :drool: