Please vote!! I need everyone's opinon.


Which one??

  1. White

  2. Cornflower

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  1. White work or Cornflower work??? I already own a black work. which one would you choose and why?? I have both on hold and i need to make a decision by tomorrow night!! Do you think that the black and blue may be too close in color?? i know ones alot brighter but i think times when i carry a blue bag a black bag can subsitute it, but when i need a white bag a black cannot take its place?!?........thanks!!

    *cornflower work bag pic is from aaallabama's collection* I hope you don't mind me borrowing it ;) .
    whtwork.jpg cornflowerwork.jpg
  2. Moe,
    Here's how I see it... White is very pretty, goes with alot more outfits(could be better for work attire), and is very bright and stylish...however, I would think you would have to really keep up on the cleaning to keep it nice and bright(but I could be wrong, as I do not own one, correct me if I'm wrong, ladies), and I think the cornflower is much more versatile year round... They are both beautiful and you can't go wrong with either, and the above is just IMO, but I vote cornflower... Good luck!:smile:
  3. I voted for cornflower assuming that you want to get alot of use out of the Work bag and so you wouldn't want it to show dirt (especially the handles). I love the white and actually have it pre-ordered in the Partime (which will also have a strap) but I only got it knowing that I do not plan for it to be an 'often used' bag. Cornflower is a very pretty color and will look great with many colors so I wouldn't worry about that aspect of it.
  4. cornflower...
  5. Yep, I vote for cornflower too. As fab as the white looks, I would be way too precious about getting her dirty to enjoy her.
  6. normally i would say 'white', but if you're getting it in the work size and plan to use it alot, i'd get the cornflower. that way you wouldn't have to worry about darkened handles, etc.
  7. i love the work in white. its one of those itchy must-have-eventually bags for me!
  8. Love the white. Very stylish.. but not a bag I would get for myself as I'll always be worrying about dirt and grime. So, the practical side of me voted for Cornflower.
  9. my vote is for the cornflower! :biggrin:
  10. my vote for the cornflower too~~ so much easier to take care of!!!
  11. if its an everyday use.. then corn flower! (it is very pretty)
    while i prefer white color in general that is if its not gonna be for heavy use:flowers:
  12. hey moe i've putting a vote in for cornflower... i've got a cornflower twiggy and i just love the colour!!! its just GREAT!!! GO cornflower!
  13. My vote is for cornflower too :yahoo: !!
  14. cornflower too !!
  15. I also vote for cornflower.