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  1. When I was 16 I entered my poem at

    Its called "My Strong Love" I wrote this poem in HS, and someone told me to submit it to I got a letter in the mail saying I was nominated for 2006 Poet of the Year.... I thought the letter was BS thinking they just wanted money...LOL This was 2 years ago.... I guess I made a mistake....

    So I searched my poem on and its still up... They have this contest called Poets choice contest, where you can rate a poem....

    Heres the link I would appreciate it if you voted... :smile: Oh and if you also write poems.. Please Share!!

    My strong love

    by: Abdullah Haobsh

    My love to you is too strong
    I don't know how it could go wrong
    When I look into your eyes
    I see you bright up like the sunshine
    Like there is nothing more divine
    I cannot explain my love to you
    Even if I wrote all the ways I loved you
    And if all the water of the oceans was ink
    And I used it to describe my love to you
    It still would not be enough
    To show my love to you
  2. Now I want to submit a poem, except mine never rhyme.:p But I'll give you a high rating.:tup:
  3. I started rating other poems...and of course I don't expect them to be masterpieces but some I can't read after the first 3 lines....descriptive words must be used, not actual details....and rhyming is fine if it fits in, if not it's no big deal.

    For example, instead of
    "I enjoy the art of wine, I love to dine, and eat out at nine"
    (yeah, some were worse than that) it needs to be
    "enjoying the casual sip, the abundance of hearty morsels, oh how I embrace these pleasures when the stars shine bright"
    or something, you know? It's so funny!:upsidedown:
  4. Prince!! Thats lovely!!! Not overworded to get the feeling across,good reserve of writing without being tempted to be overly flowery with a simple emotion.Lovely!! I'll vote for you!
  5. i always wanted to submit my husbands poems. the best one i ever wrote was in 6th grade and i think my dad threw it away, and i only had one copy. it was for english class :sad:
  6. Oh wow...I thought this site seemed familiar. I've entered their contests before when they were the International Library of Poetry. They didn't have a website then, but they would publish poems in anthologies. I searched my own name and I found links to three poems I sent them many, many years ago, but it said that the author (me) would have to send them a release in order for them to be viewable on the web.
  7. I remember I did this when I was a kid.. I didn't think it was real.
  8. 10! :amuse:
  9. Abdulla loved that poem. I wonder if you write arabic poems?
  10. I think that's the name of the place I also sent a poem to (and it got published in one of the yearly anologies.) I did buy one of the books and gave it to my MIL as a gift one year. She still has it, so next time I'm over there, I'm going to look at it.

    I'm trying to remember what year I sent it in... 1986 I think.

    Prince, your poem is very lovely, thank you for sharing that!

    Devoted, none of mine ever rhymed either, don't worry about that! Worry about the flow of the words. It should floooowwwwwww!

    ETA: BTW, I voted for you too! LOL! Forgot to say that!
  11. voted! :biggrin:
  12. I pretty much figured out they were a vanity publisher when they published my poem. I did buy one anthology. When I bought the anthology, they sent me a "proof" of what my poem would like in the book for me to approve. When I did not buy a book, they never sent me any proofs even though they said my poem was going to be published. I also looked at some of the other poems that were published in the book. Some of them were pretty poor indeed. There was a really lame one on the same page as my poem that was about Pamela Anderson! Obviously, quality is not important to them. I think the ones who get published are those who fork over the $60 for book. I didn't care. I was 16 years old and just happy to see something I wrote in print.