Please Vote For My Next Splurge! What Would You Purchase?

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What would YOU purchase with a $350 gift card?

  1. Zippy Coin Purse - Epi Cassis

  2. Zippy Coin Purse - Vernis Amarante

  3. French Purse - Epi Cassis

  4. French Wallet - Vernis Amarante

  5. Brea MM - Epi Ivoire

  6. Other

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I want to know what YOU would do with a $350 gift card and why. Would you get something small to make you happy, or would you put in additional funds and use it as an excuse to get the next bag on your wish list earlier than planned? Please keep in mind that I have a major thing for wallets and they make me just as happy as hand bags.

    I'm doing this thread because I have a $350 Holt Renfrew store credit and I'm moving back to the States in a few weeks so I want to use it before I leave. I'm really confused but you guys are the best so I'm looking forward to your trusted and valued input!

    Here's my wish list, please vote on my poll for what you would purchase from it with that gift card and why...thanks in advance!

    Zippy Coin Purse - Epi Cassis
    Zippy Coin Purse - Vernis Amarante
    French Purse - Epi Cassis
    French Wallet - Vernis Amarante
    Brea MM - Epi Ivoire
  2. I would use it for a larger purchase I wanted and add funds:P Of the choices you posted I did vote for the vernis zippy coin purse tho because Iv always thought those were so pretty!
  3. I have a thing for wallets too so I voted for the french purse in amarante! I've been trying to decide how to use my Holts PSN GC as well... just might go for a vernis FP myself!
  4. Amarante is so beautiful and the french wallet is a classic...a killer combo!
  5. I voted for the french purse in amarante, as i found the ZCP to be an unusual size for me, bigger than the cles, but too bulky to throw in the pocket of a yoga jacket. Plus, I love the vernis, in the french purse style.
  6. french purse in amarante!!!
  7. zcp!
  8. Every time I look at the French Wallet I fall in love with it all over again. The ZCP I thought would be good for convenience because of it's size, and also because I won't need to add much funds to the purchase. Thanks for the great feedback!
  9. I say get the French Wallet - Vernis Amarante because its a wallet and its more than the coin purse and more compartments.
  10. Thanks for the great feedback, it has really helped me make some important decisions. You guys are the best :smile:
  11. French Purse - Epi Cassis
  12. French purse amarante! So pretty!
  13. Epi cassis zcp
  14. My vote goes to French purse in epi cassis - it's a beautiful and durable material. Vernis is pretty but since wallet will be handled a lot, the fingerprints issue will be more of a concern (unless you don't mind at all).
  15. French Wallet - Amarante -- so gorgeous!!