Please vote for my next LV purchase!

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Which Cross-body/Messenger style should I buy?

  1. Bloomsbury GM

  2. Odeon PM or GM

  3. Eva in Damier Ebene or Mono

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hello TPF'ers-

    I have made several purchases this month (I hope to post pictures soon!) However, I am going to Las Vegas in a couple weeks, and plan to visit the City Center LV store (can't wait!:P) I am thinking about possibly purchasing my first Damier Ebene print (my entire collection thus far is all Mono). I want to purchase a cross-body/messenger style to add to my collection. I currently am using my Mon Mono GM NF or my Mono Galliera GM most often when traveling & in suits, but I am looking for something more casual to wear with jeans/boots. That said, which do you think is the best purchase...

    Odeon, Bloomsbury or Eva?

    Please help me decide...Thanks so much for your input, I sincerely appreciate it!
  2. If you're looking for something different and have all Mono, I would go with the Bloomsbury GM. Its cute and functional. Let us know what you get and have fun :smile:
  3. Thanks Girlsnstilettos, I appreciate your input. I will certainly let you knwo what I end up with. Thank you!
  4. Eva is a great little bag with multiple ways to carry due to the 2 straps!
  5. Bloomsbury
  6. I would definitely go for the Bloomsbury GM!
  7. My vote goes to the Bloomsbury GM as well! Good luck with your decision.
  8. I voted for the Odeon GM...even though your collection is all Monogram I still think it's a very functional bag that looks great with jeans! If you're looking for a strictly messenger bag I would maybe go for the PM instead.
  9. bloomsbury is so nice with the front pleat. i was using mine again today, and it looks fine either with casual clothese or a business suit.
  10. If you want something big, I voted for Bloomsbury GM, otherwise I like the damier ebene Eva.
  11. ^^ I agree .. either option is a great one:smile:
  12. Bloomsbury GM looks good when carried on shoulder but I find a bit too big when carried across body. Try all options and see how it looks on you before deciding.
  13. Thanks to all for your feedback & thoguhts, I appreciate it! Looks like Bloomsbury GM is winning thus far....anyone else?
  14. Bloomsbury!
  15. Bloomsbury gets my vote too if you're looking for a spacious bag... I carried my Eva everywhere in Vegas and was quite happy with it... so the Eva gets my vote if you want a smaller bag.