Please Vote For My Mon Monogram Colour Combo

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  1. Ivory and mustard :smile:
  2. #1!
  3. Between the two, I would choose #1 !!
  4. I like ivory and mustard!
  5. If your thinking about the Patina in the future, I would go for #1, it would look so perfect... its more subtle, beautiful, elegant, classy.. where even though PINK is my favourite color to look at.. It reminds me of bubblegum and cotton candy albeit FUN! like POP.. it just depends on what you're after. =) Goodluck..
  6. I vote for the yellow and pink! :biggrin:
  7. i do like the pink...but it depends on how much you want it to stand out. i think id play it safe with the ivory/mustard. also consider the tye/colour of clothes you wear.
  8. #1
  9. Ditto

    Unless I can vote for pink/ivory ;)
  10. Choice 1
  11. pink and yellow
  12. When the leather patinas the pink/yellow combo will look best! good luck (:
  13. Pink and Yellow
  14. I love the second.
  15. LOL yes that was my favourite sweet too!! But I do like the colour combo.. its very daring. I normally go for the safe options with colours of clothes, shoes bags etc. So this time I want something different.

    OMG this thread has confused me even more, maybe I need to go back to the drawing board