Please Vote For My Mon Monogram Colour Combo

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  1. Hi TPFers.

    I would be so grateful if you could take the time and help me make a decision on my next purchase. After much deliberation, colour charts and time spent on the LV site, I have narrowed down my proposed colour combo for my mon monogram speedy.

    Please help me decide which one is best... the ivory/mustard combo or the pink/yellow combo. Thanks in advance​

    CHOICE 1

    CHOICE 2

    Attached Files:

  2. I like the pink and yellow combo :smile:
  3. I second that! :smile:
  4. #2
  5. I think the pink/yellow would add a nice pop of color on the brown canvas
  6. if you want something more subtle, go mustard and ivory. i went more subtle on my NF with light green/dark green because i didn't want something super bright. of the two choices you listed, however, i would pick the yellow and pink. :smile:
  7. ivory mustard
  8. #2 :tup:
  9. Pink and yellow looks cute :biggrin:
  10. I like the pink and yellow!
  11. I vote for Mustard & Ivory, very complimentary! Good luck deciding & please post pictures when you receive it!
  12. ivory/mustard! haha im going to go against the majority here.

    i saw a neverfull in that combo and it was to die for! :smile:
  13. I like #1
  14. ivory/mustard suits more the mono and looks elegant.
  15. Pink and yellow.... Reminds me of those chewy little sweets I used to eat as a youngster... Fruit Salad lol!