Please Vote for my friend Laurie!!!

  1. She has worked so hard to put her invitations together and even made specials one for out of town guests. Please vote for her!

  2. Now you have to scroll down but you can still vote!
  3. I voted, they really are gorgeous invites!
  4. Thanks for voting.

    I hope she wins, she has worked SO hard.
  5. Voted :smile:
  6. Thanks for voting!!!
  7. Ok, I voted. The invites were really lovely, as well as all of that other nifty stuff (I love the parasol idea, maybe I'll use that for my own wedding). I hope her day is beautiful as well. While scrolling, I passed someone's Monterey photos, and let me say, wish I was there right about now!:heart:
  8. I voted, she did work hard.
  9. Voted! :flowers:
  10. I voted!:flowers:
  11. Thanks for voting ladies!!!

    I cant wait to tell her.

    I am thinking of doing something with her invites, maybe a shadow box and giving it to her as a gift for the wedding. She just worked so hard on them and to put them in something special, I think she might like that.
  12. ^ thats a great idea..I had a brides maid in my wedding make a shadow box of my invitation as a surprise..Its hanging in my living room..It was my fave sweet.

    PS- I voted too!!
  13. Voted
  14. Voted, she is very talented.
  15. Thanks again.

    I think I am going to do that!! I am going to call her fi to see if he will get a set for me to put in a shadow box.