Please vote for my first MJ

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  1. Please vote for me...
    Which one do you prefer?

  2. I think the purple is a really unique and great color. I vote purple.
  3. If you don't have purple, then definitely get the purple... otherwise, I would go grey.
  4. OooLaLa! I :love: the PURPLE! So luscious!
  5. That purple is TDF. It definitely gets my vote.
  6. I prefer the grey - seems more versatile to me... plus I like to match my bag with my shoes! They are both gorgeous - but I say grey.
  7. my vote goes to the purple :biggrin:
    i wonder what color is the interior? the grey has a red one i think...
  8. Grey!
  9. i vote for grey as well. there's something about the new groovees (not the color, more the style) that's off-putting to me. either way though, both are gorgeous :smile:
  10. Hard choice, I'd probably end up buying both :graucho::P But, to answer your question, I instinctively thought purple! Really though it's a matter of what works best for you. The grey is lovely too.
  11. I'm veering towards the purple. The grey is lovely too though. Maybe get both?!
  12. i like the style of the grey more and would probably get the grey, but the purple color is really pretty.
  13. Woah....Not as familiar with MBMJ as I am w/ MJ bags.....I don't own any MBMJ..all MJ..but I LOVE the purple one!!!! Holy!! What is this bag, what year/season, where can I get it, how much is it..what is the lining..what did you have to eat for breakfast..what is your favorite color...what is ..what is ..WHAT IS IT!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Gray!
  15. Purple!