Please vote for Miss Rhode Island!

  1. TLC's Miss America Reality Check grooms pageant hopefuls.

    Viewers can vote on the 16 women that will make the finals.

    The finalists will be announced January 26, the night of Miss America. Out of those 16, one of them will be crowned.

    I was trying to decide between Miss Massachusetts or Miss Rhode Island. The fact that Miss Rhode Island, Ashley Bickford, was a Salve Regina University graduate clinched it for me.

    (I went to Salve Regina University.)

    I tried to vote for her. Alas, I cannot.

    If you're planning on voting for your own state, please feel free. But if you're allowed to vote again, please consider Miss Rhode Island.
  2. I went to a graduation there once. I love that part of RI. I haven't seen the show though. When is it on?
  3. Fridays at 10.