Please Vote For Me!!!

  1. Ok this is a little weird, but I am doing that remix on MTV for the Britney Remix Video. I would love it if everyones takes a look at it. It would be great if you can leave a comment on it with a rating:p
  2. Awesome job! Good luck.
  3. I think I voted. :confused1: I may have done something wrong. Good job though.:tup: I like that song. Is it from her new album?

    EDIT: Oops I did do it wrong. I meant to give you all the stars but it wouldn't let me edit. Sorry.

    More people have to vote to make up for my stupidness!
  4. Yeah that is Piece of Me from her new album. I kind of like it.
  5. Thank you the song is actualy good...I tried my best to use the best pieces;)
  6. You did good with the paparazzi shots. Really goes with the song.
  7. Yes it blends in perfect:smile: