Please Vote for me pls!! URGENT~

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Should I go for?

  1. Garden party

  2. Edith

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Now I have to decide either Garden party or Edith. Someone is offering me a edith right now at retail price.. I am not sure I should go ahead or not... pls help!!

    Edith - very hot this season
    GP - long lasting collection from Hermes

    Edith - too fashionable? or too trendy?
    GP - might be a bit plain.
  2. what's the GP like? :blink:
  3. attached photo of Garden party tote ( photo from ebay)

    Attached Files:

  4. :shame: hehe, i have no idea what the GP looks like... are you able to post up a pic... a couple of the girls on here have the Edith and its so YUM!!!! :love:
  5. My vote is for the Garden Party.
  6. I'll have to say...Garden Party.
  7. Edith. At least you are getting leather that will only get better with age.
  8. I like the Garden Party
  9. I voted Garden Party!
  10. I like the Edith....the Garden Party tote looks too much like a boat tote to me.
  11. I asked my bf for opinion last night. he said.. GP is too old/ mature.. :sad:
  12. I vote Edith...Hermes leather would be worth getting at a higher price, but the GP just looks like a boring canvas tote...IMHO. is it fabric?
  13. I'd go with the Edith.
  14. Edith!!!!!!
  15. Not a fan of either, but I'd probably go with the garden party in a better material.