PLEASE Vote For Leona !!!!


    PLEASE press on British Single and then Vote for Leona Lewis - Bleeding love for Best Single, Just press vote which is near her picture

    Thanks !! :flowers::flowers:

  2. she have a one nice song..but for me she looks like a men...i can't help myself...
  3. hee hee, im voting for Take That ;)
  4. I love Leona and Bleeding Love but I'm voting for Take That as well ;) I'm going to be at the Brits and I'd love to see TT there.
  5. Hmmm, no please dont vote for them :crybaby: Leona is HOT
  6. I disagree, shes so beautiful, she is stunning :smile:
  7. Voted! but I was so close to voting for Take That instead :p