Please vote Chloe Paddy vs Spy

  1. Would you rather have

    1) 2 Spys, No Paddy
    2) 1 Spy, 1 Paddy
    3) 2 Spys, 1 Paddy (excessive???)

  2. 3 :biggrin: I wouldnt say its excessive at all! Your collection should be as large as you want it to be. Option 2 would be cool too though, good mix.
  3. no. 2 --> one of each is good.
  4. I'd rather have #2, one of each. That way the rest of my money can go to other bags :P
  5. #3 for sure!!!!!! never too excessive, never too many purses!!!
  6. Well, if you're really crazy about the Spy like I am then, #3...otherwise, one of each #2. I have the Cognac and Black Spy and just ordered a Whiskey Paddy, it might be excessive, but I love them :love: !
  7. #2 one of each :smile:
  8. Well, if we could have 2 and 1 why would we choose anything else? :amuse:

    There are lots of gals who have 2 of the same style/brand bag if they love the style/brand. It would only be weird if they were the same color/style/brand. :blink:
  9. I'd vote for #2, a Spy and a Paddy.
  10. Let me say that I absolutely love the Spy! If you really like it I'd get two! (Can you tell I'm not a paddington fan?) But, 1 of each would be the best of both worlds. All three would be the best, but if you're like me (broke) it may be hard to accomodate, especially since a each spy is going to be over $2K
  11. I love the Spy, but not really the Paddy. Is it too much to have 2 of the same styles or it it better to have a variety of bags?
  12. If you don't really love the paddy then don't get it. I think it's better that you have 2 bags that you love, even if they are the same style, then to have 1 bag you love and one bag you think is ok. Especially when they cost $2000 each.
  13. 2 Spys, no Paddy.
  14. #2!! But if I had a choice of either or, I would rather have a Spy.
  15. #2