Please Vote: Beige Clair Cavier Jumbo VS Black Lambskin Vintage Maxi

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  1. I have a M/L Black cavier flap with i'm so obsessed with another chanel bag.... please vote for me.....

    a. Beige Clair Cavier Jumbo with GHW
    b. Black Lambskin Vintage Maxi with GHW

    thank you all in advance!!~
  2. Beige since you already have a black flap.
  3. beige clair! :drool:
  4. beige!
  5. beige
  6. Beige since you already have a black flap! and maybe another black flap down the line
  7. beige
  8. Definitely beige clair!
  9. Beige :smile:
  10. This is a hard one but I have to say Beige too.
  11. def beige
  12. beige!!
  13. Beige. It's good to diversify! lol
  14. beige clair with GHW!!!
  15. :biggrin: beige