PLEASE VOTE and help me to choose which Belt i should get.

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which one will u choose? and why?

  1. the bling head belt

  2. the black n white head belt

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
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  1. hi ladies, i need your help again =) 1st of all thx u soo muchhhhh for always sharing, your thoughts n ur collections =) i wanna buy a chanel belt with a big head but i am confuse which head that i want, dont worry about the belt itself, i can do DIY, the most important is the head....please tell me which one is more usefull, versatile (for casual and formal - this is why i am intending to be creative with the belt) tia and every vote counts =)

    ow and they are about the same size, bout 15 x 15 cm

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  2. I love them both. I had a tough time deciding, LOL!
  3. i like the 2nd one!
  4. :noggin: me to mon!

    me toooo i like both but i have to saveeee for cruise bags n accessories! and i just bought a camellia sandal hahahahah i know its a bit too late but yeah better late than never =) imagine this mon.,...i have been wanting the camellia sandal but hesitate n too scared to take the plunge for a yearrrr and i finally bought it hahahahahah and imagine this...i bought the ss08 ones from bergdorf! hahhahahahaha:yahoo:

    please ladies, close your eyes..imagine wearing these two belts and choose one! hahahah love u all!
  5. please do tell me why u like the 1st one or 2nd one! convince me! :P
  6. ooohh.... I like the 2nd one, so pretty.
  7. hiks more vote pls?
  8. please just forget it...mod please close this thread....hiks the 2nd belt is gone already somebody snatched it..
  9. Oh no. too late. I like them both, but the 2nd one seems more versatile to me... to wear it casually and to dress it up. Perhaps you can try to track it down at other locations?

    Goood luck!
  10. thx shoogrrl but i think its too late hiks..or do u have any sa that can help with this belts?
  11. #11 Jan 28, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2009
    The 2nd one for sure... didnt Karl said Bling is over?

    Have you tried the 800 number?
  12. I voted for the first one. So pretty.:heart: They second one just didn't catch my eye.

    So sorry you lost out on the second one.:sad:
  13. i voted for the 2nd one. :heart:
  14. second one for sure.. so much more special :smile:
  15. i voted for the 2nd one! Lovely! :biggrin:
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