PLEASE VOTE and help me to choose which Belt i should get.

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  1. hi ladies, i need your help again =) 1st of all thx u soo muchhhhh for always sharing, your thoughts n ur collections =) i wanna buy a chanel belt with a big head but i am confuse which head that i want, dont worry about the belt itself, i can do DIY, the most important is the head....please tell me which one is more usefull, versatile (for casual and formal - this is why i am intending to be creative with the belt) tia and every vote counts =)
  2. Hi D, do you have pictures of the ones you like?
  3. hiii nat, omg i am so sorry i dunno why the pics on this thread n all the comments are all gone. anyway i ask mod to close it but its still here but other than my picture-less 1st post. please just close it nat if its not troublesome. tiaaaa