1. HI... Ladies I need your advice for my next city purchase. I do not know what color to go with as I am in KY (No Bal. Shops) and shopping by Photos is NOT easy when it comes to seeing the true colors of a Balenciaga bag. I know some of you have seen every color available so I am depending on you all for HELP. Please keep in mind that I own Magenta and Calcaire and am wanting some thing kind of in a go with every thing color that is dark.. For me it is between Marine, Black, Anthracite or (maybe) Sandstone.
    PLEASE help me ladies as I am soooooooooo confused :confused1: I do love all the colors but ONLY can buy one as of right now.
    Can I also have your thoughts on the twiggy style, PLEASE!!! THANKS A BUNCH
  2. It your wardrobe more "navy friendly" or "black friendly"?
  3. Well, you have one of the brightest of brights, and a very light neutral, so I might say in your case, go with black. Black is a really good choice when shopping from afar, too. Even in not so good leather years, there were always a lot of very nice black bags. If you're buying a new one, you can just tell your SA what you prefer in leather, and remove some more anxiety about making the wrong choice.
  4. I think since you already have two Cities, your next bag should be the Day style. :yes:It is very comfy and easy to carry around with you. I promise once you own a Day you are going to be hooked.:nuts: You might want to try a Black Day, or Sandstone (if you can find one). Or if you want another City style i think Anthracite would be perfect.:tup:

  5. I wear so many colors and just want some thing that will go with every thing but in a dark shade that is still fun and a neat pretty color :graucho:
  6. Then you need Anthracite.:yahoo:
  7. I vote for anthracite twiggy, it is dark but it can morph, close enough to black, but with a bit of something else! I have a twiggy (Apple Green) and a city (Magenta) both, and I have looked in the mirror a million times comparing and I swear, I prefer the twiggy on me, it has more length and the shape is great! (Diabro has an anthatwiggy, BTW) For reference, I am 5'8"... hth! Good luck, you truly can't go wrong with any of your options!

  8. HI, I am only 5'2... do you think the twiggy good be okay on me? Thanks
  9. Another vote for anthracite - it's dark, so neutral, but has so many chameleon qualities that it's a lot of fun!
  10. Well Anthracite is a great color in the twiggy. It is a beautiful "fun" color.

    Although I have to say that Black is amazing too. I really did not want to get a black bag because I thought it was too "boring". I was sooooo wrong.

    Black BBags are sooooo cool.
  11. i vote for anthracite too. it's between black and marine. have you considered the first? it looks small but actually holds quite a bit!

  12. Honestly, I do think it would be fabulous. It is like the city, just a bit longer and a bit more shallow. It is very flattering. I would not have ever bought one except I wanted Apple Green and the listing was for a twiggy, so I took a leap of faith based on reviews and pics here! I was MORE than pleased with the style. I love to wear it on my shoulder, with the strap attached like I do my city, but b/c of the length, you can see it more. Hope that helps. I think in no way will it be too big.... Good luck!:tup:
  13. HI... I am having trouble viewing the Diabro site, is some thing wrong with them at this time?
  14. I'll say black - every b-bag lover needs at least one black balenciaga bag in her collection.

  15. I just tried and can't view either, maybe they are updating, which could be a good thing....hopefully!
    Maybe try them periodically to see if they get back online. :smile: