Please Vote! Ali Whiskey or Shoulder Bag White?

  1. I bought the Ali Whiskey today and I'm now thinking I want the Shoulder Legacy in White. They are holdiing the last one for me until tomorrow morning. I want both equally and my husband said absolutely not....that I was crazy to even think I should have two bags:crybaby:! Which one?
  2. Personally, I'm not a fan of the Ali style and I love white, so I'm gonna vote for the Shoulder Bag.
  3. I have the Ali in Whiskey & I love it. I think that white bags look beautiful, but I know that I could never keep one clean. So my vote is for the Ali!!Good luck!!
  4. both are gorgeous, but I'm a sucker for whiskey!!
  5. Another vote for Ali in Whiskey. The color Whiskey is very unique and if you look at 2 identical bags in Whiskey, they will have different colors/tones, whereas the white or black leather all look the same. (but I do like color white a lot, but in Hippie)
  6. My vote is for the shoulder bag in white! It's sooo beautiful :love:and it is spring time soon!:yes:
  7. I'm torn too, but I'm leaning more towards the Ali Whiskey.
  8. I vote for whiskey Ali, simply because it's whiskey. I think both bags are great (I have the whiskey shoulder bag and it's the perfect bag for me), but you might get more use in the long-run out of the whiskey. I guess it depends on where you live, what clothes you normally wear, and how you want to use the bag, though. The whiskey is a really great colour to use year-round and as an everyday bag. Plus it goes well with both black and brown, as well as lighter colours. I'd be worried using the white one everyday because it's probably harder to keep clean, and also I've heard that it may have issues with "yellowing" over time.

    Regardless, they're both GORGEOUS and classic bags so I don't think you'll have any regrets either way. Let us know what you decide...and post pics!

    Edited to add: It's definitely NOT crazy to have two bags! They're quite different, style-wise, and because one is whiskey and the other is white, you can use them in a wide variety of situations. The whiskey is a good year-round, basic, knock-around everyday bag, while the white shoulder is a bit more summery and could be used in dressier situations. Okay, you probably didn't need anyone to suggest getting both...but if you really love them both and can afford it, then I say go for it! DHs don't seem to understand the idea that we need different bags for different situations :p :devil:
  9. Tough choice! Both bags are beautiful! I'd probably go for the white shoulder bag myself but that's because I love that style! Congrats either way!
  10. I love the Ali. I got my Black leather Ali about a week and a half ago and just got the white leather Ali this past Friday. I think it's the perfect size. I have the shoulder in whiskey. I love the color, but it's not big enough for me as an everyday bag. I vote for the Ali in whiskey and white!
  11. love the whiskey, but not the ali. love the shoulder bag, but not the white...hmm...

    i still vote shoulder bag- if you can keep white clean, it's gorgeous!
  12. Get the Ali Bag in any color. I have the shoulder bag and the Ali Bag in Whiskey. I agree with handbagashley, the shoulder bag is cute but just not big enough for my needs. I need a bigger bag and am using my Ali more. I now want an Ali in White for the summer but am debating on getting the Ali
    or the Legacy Slim tote No. 10650 in white - decisions, decisions.:yes:
  13. Whichever you get, whiskey! :yes: Such a rich color!
  14. I love the shoulder bag. I have one in Whiskey. The color is TDF and it's such a great style and holds alot. I want another in POND as well. Anyway, since you have the Whiskey color already, I would keep it because that color is almost impossible to get now. If you can afford both I would do that since the white is such a great Spring color and the bag styles are totally different. You can even look at the Legacy Shoulder Zip in white. This bag is $100 less that the shoulder bag and they're almost the same size. Guys just don't understand that girls need lots of bags.
  15. THanks ladies! I want both and have to make a decision by 10:00 a..m. when the Coach store opens. I'm trying to find a way to keep the Whiskey Ali as it's such a classic and I'm very reluctant to let it go...and I love the style of the Shoulder bag and the white is gorgeous and perfect for Spring. I tried to get my husband to understand how limited and rare these bags might be soon and how having both a small bag and a big bag would "cure" my obsession and just how well made and quality the Legacy Line is....I almost had him for a minute too! So close, but yet so out of reach***SIGH*** I've never wanted 2 bags so much. Thanks again everyone and I will post pics later today of what I ended up with :smile: