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Classic/chic black bag

  1. Balenciaga City

  2. Miu Miu Bow

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  1. Hi I'm a newbie and need your advice.
    My parents are buying me a graduation gift and I do need a new black purse.
    I cannot decide between the Miu Miu Bow bag and Balenciaga Bag.
    I have both on hold so please vote ASAP!

    I'm looking for something that can last me a good amount of time and at the same time have that "chic" look.

    Thank you so much
  2. I'm not familiar with the bow bag - do you have any pics/links? Also what style Balenciaga were you thinking about? I always like the colours of the Balenciagas but they always look a bit too fragile to me (although I'm sure they're not!)
  3. Pics of what you are looking for please!
  4. What colour for the BBag? And would it be white for the Miu Miu? Like the style of the Miu Miu one, nice bag.

  5. I need a black bag
  6. doh missed that in the first thread. In that case, Miu Miu.
  7. City!
  8. city
  9. Get a black City with Giant Silver or Giant Gold hardware - YUM!!
  10. Balenciaga City of course!
  11. I am not familiar with the city bag but i have just bought the bow satchel in black and absolutely LOVE it. It is the perfect size and can fit a fair amount in it. The bows on the side are lovely and the bag itself smells great. I think the bow is a classic and plan on using it for many yeras to come. Go with the bow! Hope this helps and let us know what u decide on.
  12. City!!!
  13. Definitely a black city- it's timeless, versatile, smooshy, gorgeous and pretty durable. Defintely has a "chic" look. You won't regret it, but you might get hooked on balenciaga! How nice of your parents!
  14. I love the Balenciaga City!!!