Please unplug your paper shredders! pets can get hurt =(

  1. I saw this posted on another forum (credits to luvapup on af) and thought I would share with my fellow animal lovers on tPF.

    just a warning - this is the saddest article ever, I teared up reading it :crybaby:

    Keep pets from paper shredders -

    please, please unplug your paper shredder when it is not in use! your babies can be hurt :crybaby:
  2. OMG jen the horror!! I read this, rolled my chair over to mine, and turned it from "auto" to "off", which is another option to unplugging.

    Thank you for posting this, I would never have found it on my own.
  3. That is absolutely horrifying.
  4. Loganz - I did the same! My little one is hardly ever here but I dont want to risk forgetting about it when he is here. I also forwarded it to my bf where Rufus is currently staying. I would die if this ever happened to Rufus or even if it happened to any tPF member's pet :sad:

    Danica - isn't it?! I think the worst part of the article was reading about the owner's view of what happened. Poor dogs
  5. This is SO awful!!!! Paper shredder unplugged!

    Thank you for posting!
  6. OMG thankyou for posting!!

    Those poor dogs and their owners! :sad:
  7. Yes, we always have the paper shredder unplugged! Dogs and cats can be like little children, I guess. You almost have to baby-proof your house!

  8. It is. And also that there was nothing they could do for them afterwards because they couldn't pant properly, or eat , etc. so they had to put them down. I would die.
  9. Oh god...I couldn't even read past the first couple paragraphs :sad:
  10. Thanks for posting horrid as it was to read I will tell everyone I know!
    That poor, poor doggie!
  11. no problem ladies!

    danica - oh man... if my dog had to be put down.... :crybaby:

    porkchopz - i still cant get through the whole article without tearing up! i'm surprised i was able to finish it though

    tiramisu - yea, pets are just like babies!! i have to make sure there's no hazardous toys laying around when i leave the house and everything in the cupboards are secure
  12. oh my gosh, I almost cried! That is horrible!
  14. OMG, just imagining how it all happened makes me feel ill ... that's so terrible!!!
  15. Oh how sad!!! Poor baby... :sad: