Please Unite For International Shipping

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  1. Hi!!!!!!!

    Just wanted to know if anyone else who lives outside the U.S is upset that on many sites they dont offer international shipping it annoying!!!!!!!!:evil: And definetely not fair!!!!!!!!! We should do something!!!!!!!!!:idea:
  2. I am!!!! It's very annoying browsing the US sites and not being able to buy...... Also there's something I don't get: LV sells online in France and the UK but won't deliver to any other countries.... Does anybody know why? It would make life so much easier being able to buy online!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Where do I sign the petition !?!
  4. I think a lot of people have been frustrated by this for a very long time!
  5. And I'm one of them!! :sad: The sites that ship to Europe are only a few, and sometimes - with the shipping cost - the deal is not such a good one anymore...

    Oh well, just waiting for LV and Chanel so start selling online in Europe!!!
  6. I severely limits my choices that my options are basically, and (the last one is good for some clothes,not really for bags at all).

    I doubt I would have things sent to me from outside the EU anyway,actually....the customs fees can sometimes amount to a huge amount of money.And you lose it all if you decide to return the item.

    Oh...another great site is ...both my mulberries came from there :smile:
  7. It really is interesting, the internet can unite us in so many ways, but when it comes to buying and selling there are roadblocks. On a personal note, I retail auto parts around the world, and we found out that we are not protected with International CC's. Meaning that if we accept one and the customer disputes for ANY reason we are left holding the bag because most cc processors cannot verify international addresses. We got burned bad this way, product delivered, but customer claimed it wasn't - it was clearly fraud on his part but the bank didn't care.

    I think this may be one reason that it is hard to accept intl cc's, there are bad apples out there who spoil it for everybody.
  8. Everything I see is on US sites that don't ship to here:sad2:
    I've used in the past and they were great but of course it makes things dearer,apart from that they will even hunt down hard to find items for you.
    Some people also use but I haven't used them personally.
  9. Tks!!! May consider this one... :biggrin:
  10. I AM! I finally found the shoes of my dreams and then BAM "Sorry we dont ship outside the UK".

    :cry: :cry: :cry:
  11. I understand your frustration--I've had the same problem finding sites that ship to Canada.

    It makes sense that retailers would not want to risk losing money selling when they cannot verify credit cards. Some sites are willing to accept international orders if the customer is willing to fax identification--usually a driver's license and the actual credit card.

    We can inform each other of which sites are willing to accept international orders too. Are you looking to purchase something specific?