Please, tPFers from Brussels, can you help me?

  1. :yahoo:
    Ok, I will not have hours of time: I'm going to Brussels for a couple of days next week. Business trip.
    But I will be alone (yeah!!) and this means that I will be able to find 1 hour to visit some interesting shops :graucho:
    I SHOULD be on a ban, but.... you never know!
    Where can I find Balenciaga?
  2. Hi Babi,
    I do like brussel, but i do love Antwerpen.
    I dont know any B-bags shops in Brussel.
    But in Antwerpen there are 2 shops Louis and SN3.

    Good luck and have a nice trip Hugs FX:heart:
  3. :sad: Oh, I've been to Antwerp years ago (beautiful!!!), but I'm afraid I won't be able to reach it.
    I'm so unlucky! When I'm travelling around on business I'm never alone so I never have the way to go shopping:cursing:
    Even in Milan! This time I'm so happy I'm alone... but no Balenciaga shops.
    We can say better for my savings? :push:
    Thank you anyways :smile: