Please tell me...

  1. That yes, I do need these bags...please? Or be brutally honest and tell me no, I do not. Looking for a little reality here since I can't seem to come to a decision.

    I have a wonderful barenia and toile birkin that I adore. If I am going somewhere and I want to take one of my handbags that will say exactly what I want to about my entire collection (and it's not a formal event), I'll take that one. They're fairly rare.

    But, I've always had my eye on the grace kelly style toile combo kelly. Now, if I bought it in black, would I find a use for it and a reason to pick it up? Keep in mind I have a black work bag, a black exotic kelly, a black everyday birkin, a black everyday modern kelly, and a black clutch for evening.

    Can I justify buying this beautiful black box and toile kelly? I know I really want it, and it's being offered to me at an exceptional price to boot. Another small problem is that I've been wanting to add a classic black box kelly to my collection with gold hardware just to round it out, and with the addition of 2 or 3 exotics in color, I don't think I'll need to buy any more bags (I can hear the crowd now saying yeah, sure, lol). And, I've almost ruled out buying a white kelly even though I love them, knowing that I have three other bags in gold or tan or neutral (ok, maybe four) that I can use for summer, and I don't need a specifically white purse.

    I like to think that through my 30s and 40s and 50s I'll have this wonderful collection and a few choices so that when going to social events I won't have to carry the same darn bag all the time. But, I don't want to be overly extravant and foolish.

    Help, please! I need a fresh perspective. :sad:
  2. Oh where is shopmom when you need her???
  3. i can see that you love black and not afraid to buy multiple bags in black. also seems that you really adore your toile birkin. so why not get it in the kelly. if you've had your eye on it for a long time, it's obvious you really love the bag. plus, you can always sell it later, if you don't want it.
  4. No one ever needs a bag...what matters if you want it!
  5. ^ yup!
  6. Well for me I consider my look and my lifestyle - there are things I love which just don't work with either my look or my lifestyle so I don't get them because I like to use my posessions - not keep a museum in my closet.

    Also, there is a question of if you'd use that bag instead of others for certain looks or occasions vs. another bag. I try and keep my bags somewhat streamlined but some people like a lot of variety and to change things up.
  7. Thanks girls - I do wear a lot of neutral colors because I work in a big city and socially you can never go wrong with black basics. I like to buy clothes that look tailored and will be classic forever, so my bag choices so far have been great, and i use them all.

    My own justification for getting the black/toile is that my toile birkin is barenia/neutral, so having it in black would be a more formal version of it, and yes, I've loved it for a long time plus it would look great with tons of my clothes.

    Thank you a million times for the input! More is always welcome. I love to know what others would do. I don't want to be frivolous, but I do put them to good use. It's always when you reach at the perfect time for the bag you use least when you find it's gone, right? So I'm trying to avoid that!
  8. I Sophie, life is short.....the older I get, the clearer I see this.....if you love this pretty Kelly, and I feel you really do, then, go ahead and adopt her. She either will or not participate with you in life's events and at some point, you can make the decision to keep her...or not.
  9. Thank you Isus, yes I do really love her!!!:heart: I am trying to be more practical these days so I can buy my dream house but some things I feel I will hit myself over the head if I pass up...this toile combo kelly would be one of those.

    But, if I do buy her, I probably shouldn't get a classic black box kelly. My clutch is black box already but this would make three black dressy kellys. Two I can see - three would make me feel like the Imelda of handbags!
  10. OK! (S'Mom rubbing her hands together!)

    Far be it from me to enable anyone BUT I happen to think a collection for every city business woman (who can afford more than one bag) could use a classic Black Box Kelly, a toile combo Birkin, a toile combo Kelly and a basic color Birkin. The choice of size, hardware and even color for the "basic" Birkin is completely personal. And then, like a wardrobe, you build upon that. Add your colors, add your special ocassion bag, your exotics, your casual week-end grab-n-go bag and/or whatever strikes your fancy.

    I think you can't go wrong with a combo Kelly.....I love mine (I've got a 28cm Bleu Marine/Toile which works best with my casual lifestyle and wardrobe) and use it a LOT in the Spring/Summer!!!!

    I say go for it. I think you'd use this bag more than you think for Summers in the City!
  11. Thanks, D! I knew I could count on you for a little enabling. ;)

    Well, I've 99% made up my mind. I'm gonna sleep on it just to be sure and make the plunge in the a.m. A little something colorful will be coming my way soon too so after this I will be on a purse ban, my very first one!!! :roflmfao:
  12. Oiy vey.......I'm always on a purse ban.......lotta good it does me though. LOL!!!!!!
  13. I hear you, sister shopmom! I'd be on a purseban until I found the strength to buy my grail bag...a little something crocodile in a 35cm birkin!!! ahhhh.
  14. Ingenue: given what specifics you've shared, I'd say you'd kick yourself if you pass this one up. I'd get it and instead pass on getting the black box Kelly. You already have your clutch in black box as an evening bag and you don't need 3 dressy black Kellys. The toile combo would be different AND it's one you've always wanted, not an impulse buy.

    Enough enabling for you?:smile:
  15. style101, thanks for the vote! the black box kellys always draw my eye but I've never jumped at one because I have seen so many. For me, it wasn't the right bag. This is true. Thank you! :yes: