please tell me which Koobas to buy!!!

  1. I think I am going to use my 30% first time buyer purchase at revolve on Kooba - I don't have a Kooba and I have heard that they are amazing. There are a few that are in my price range and I want to get one clutch bag and one every day shoulder bag. Please tell me which ones to get... again, I have never seen these in person - they don't sell Kooba here. :sad: I was thinking of an Audrey for a clutch. They also have Haydons, Hollys, and Kieras for smaller bags. I would like a larger shoulder bag, I carry a LOT of stuff, not too structured, with softer leather and a comfortable shoulder strap. Which is my best option between a Sloane, Jillian, Carla, Ginger, Gretchen, Kelsey, or Jessie? I know this is a lot of choices, but I will buy today once I know which bags to choose. Thanks for all your expert help!!!!
  2. hi! sorry to give you more to think about, but the natasha is AMAZING!!! i don't think you can go wrong with kooba at all..the jessie was kind of small for me, but, i loved it anyway...i have the sienna and the natasha now and they're both great...hope this helps a little bit!
  3. Mandyfin, if you repeat your thread in the KOOBA section, you will have many ladies replying to you. There are a lot of us Kooba lovers over there, who'd be happy to help. Kooba is a great choice :yes: