Please tell me whether I should buy this bag

  1. Hi,

    I am looking to buy a handbag online and the link for it is


    I don't know why - the website name shows as "*" - please replace the stars(*) with e fashionhouse

    I tried to find this handbag on other websites but couldn't. Can you help me verify that this bag is a real gucci bag and whether it is nice. Thanks.

    Confused :confused1:
  2. The bag is cute;however, I don't know anything about this site ... :confused1:
  3. Sorry.. I'm not familiar with them either..
  4. See pics of the bag below..
    pic 1.jpg pic 2.JPG pic 3.jpg pic 4.JPG
  5. It's a nice bag. Be nicer if the strap was a bit longer. Other than that I think you should go for it! I am not sure about the site though. No clue at all. Try the Authenticate This thread?
  6. The owner caused a bit of a scandal on this forum so she's been banned along with her website.

    As far as I know, her website sells authentic items, just not in as good condition as she says they are.
  7. Thanks for letting us know. I will definitely steer clear of this one!