Please Tell Me What U Think!! Please

  1. Considering To Purchase This Bracelet, Tell Me What You Think.

    No Matter You Like It Or Not..please Just Give Me Some Opinion.


    Does It Worth 300+ ?
    4e_1.jpg 5d_1.jpg
  2. I rather buy the necklace for $200 more. :smile:
  3. I like it. Is it worth $300? Well that depends on how badly you want it. :smile:
  4. ps. if your eyeing the one on ebay, id snatch it up. They dont come on elux anymore and im not sure if its a permanent piece. its one of those seasonal things that come and once they are gone..they are gone. its still under retail its 275 + you still would save on shipping and tax..GO FOR IT before someone else does :smile:
  5. I think it is beautiful!

    However, I would rather put that $300 towards a bag:smile:
  6. thanks do you think that is authentic?
    since you have the it easy to maintain?

  7. I think it doesn't look "worthy" of $300. I'd rather save up for another bracelet that will last you longer in terms of design or towards a purse.
  8. Ditto, It is nice, it is limited...but ......

    I am a bag girl
  9. i think it's beautiful, but make sure it's not too big on your hand.
  10. no i dont like it.
  11. It´s beautiful, but is it the right size for your hand?
  12. is it still available in stores?! :confused1:

    if yes, I'd go and try it on. I think you can only judge whether it's worth the $$$ after you seen/touched/felt it IRL :yes:

    I like it though
  13. i am more of a bag girl so i would say nah...
  14. It's cute.. but I prefer the pastilles ! :yes:
  15. nope!! i would much rather have a bag..