Please tell me what to do? Damier vs. mono

  1. I have a new speedy mono 30 - never used- I just bought a Saleya which I absolutely love and wear everyday- I never knew that I would love the Damier so much more than the mono - I don't want to keep the speedy 30 sitting in it's dust bag forever - but at this point I'm not sure I'll ever use it --------Some thoughts on this please!!!!
  2. If you are not going to use the speedy then sell it or return/exchange it. There is no point of having $500.00+ sitting in your closet!
  3. I agree, sell it or exchange it for something you like better. So you're loving your Saleya, huh? I'm thinking about that one myself. I wish I wasn't 2 hours away from the nearest LV.
  4. Yes sell it. It's not going anywhere - so if you have an itch for it again, you can always go back to it!
  5. I also just bought the saleya and love it! I sold my cabas piano (is that it?) and it's the one bag I missed - so I got the saleya in damier and love it! I was tired of the monogram -- I also have a speedy but will save that for dd (she's 12 right now)...I would sell or return...btw, Tammy, is awesome for LV! And I have returned quite often with no problems...

  6. i agree!
  7. ^^ I agree also! What size Saleya did you get?
  8. seriously...i feel the same way. I'm so glad i got my speedy used because then i'd REALLY be mad. That poor thing just sits on the shelf. I really love shoulderbags now.
  9. Shoes, which size Saleya did you get?
  10. hey ya
    if you havent used your speedy yet... i suggest you take it for at least ONE test drive before you make the decsion! i dont want you regretting anything! After the test drive - i think you'll have a better idea if its the right bag for you or not... If its not... then totally exchange it for another LV piece... good luck!
  11. ^^
    i agree with that!

    it sometimes happens with me.
    i buy a bag .. fall out of love with it .. not used it for months .. decide to sell it .. take it out to use it for the last time .. and end up falling in love with it all over again .. and keeping it

    the speedy and the saleya are both very different bags and have their own different looks to it .. you have to take it out at least once before making the decision to keep/sell/return
  12. I totally agree :smile: I love my mono speedy but its not for everyone.

    Can you exchange it? If not, sell!! I know there are tons of people looking to buy one :yes:
  13. I agree with helen. The saleya is a shoulder bag wheras the speedy is not. They are very different bags so you may like it if you try using it again.
  14. Yay for the Saleya love.

    Sell it, speedys have such a great resale value!
  15. Return the speedy! No use having it sit inside your closet.

    Congrats on your Saleya! I have one and it's my everyday bag so far.