Please tell me, What Style Are these???

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  1. Please, I need to own these! What style are the orange shoes??? How do they run size wise??? And if I am a bafoon, and these are not CL, please tell me if you know which designer they are!

    Thank you so much!!!!

  2. Could be the Coxinelle :confused1:

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  3. they are orange leather catwoman 120 mm
  4. Thank you so much ladies!!!!
  5. oh wow both those women seem to be wearing CLs! Isn't the woman in black wearing black declics?

    Those orange catwomans are beautiful.....ooh and I spy a matching orange birkin as well...
  6. oh my!!! the orange catwoman is soooo gorgeous!!!!
  7. That's one gorgeous shoe!
  8. WOW! That shoe is hot!
  9. I love how you said it! :lol:

    Looks like Rolandos to me.....the vamp is longer and it's more pointed.
  10. I love the orange. HOT! They would go perfectly with an Orange Birkin!! LOL:wlae: