Please tell me this pic of Kate is altered!

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  1. It has to be!
  2. Holy cow.. it has to be - that just looks sick !
  3. She's thin but not that thin - here's another photo of her in skinny jeans.

  4. I agree, I think that pic is altered! I know she is skinny, but not to that point, maybe she will get there if she continues that way she is.
  5. wow! I think it has to be altered, she is tooo skinny in that pic. The second one looks like how she is now.
  6. omg..that has to be altered!
  7. Gahd I hope so. That is positively gross. She looked so amaing in Blue Crush... after putting on 20lbs of muscle.
  8. Why do people do that to pictures?!?! gah! Seriously, it's so wrong.
  9. She looks too thin in both of those if the first pic is for real, then
    OH DEAR!:confused1: :s
  10. seriously has to be altered.
  11. Yes, it's definitely photoshopped. There's a specific tool that people (usually the ana girls) use to do that.
  12. I agree its wrong, but it gets the attention. :sad:
  13. That's just sick? :wtf: People are so cruel :sad:
  14. Orlando is so hot though! :graucho:
  15. it's TOTALLY altered!! It's almost funny.
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