Please tell me this is normal and will go away!!!

  1. I know everyone here loves the appleguard, so I sprayed my bag and the leather turned sooo dark!!! Please tell me that this is temporary and will go away! I keep staring at it waiting for it to lighten up. :blink:
  2. Yes, give it a few hours and you'll see it lighten. I spray all of my vachetta when new, and it goes back to looking pale and new pretty quickly.
  3. Thank God!! You just saved me from having a heart attack!:heart:
  4. Many people say that the leather goes through something when the appleguard is first put on the bag. It should go back to normal within a day.
  5. I have had the same experience with Apple Guard, and it did lighten up after it dried.
  6. i did that on my Mono Speedy and the handles and leather tabs attached to them turned dark. after a day or so they lightened, but unfortunately, the tabs are still darker than the rest of the leather :sad:. sit your bag in front of a fan; that may help.

    i actually panicked and started a thread about this. you can see how
    mine turned out. they're still like that to this day :cry:
  7. I have Appleguard and I've yet to spray it on my bag.. it's raining super hard in Toronto right now and I was caught out in the rain with Mr. Vuitton, I'm just so afraid something like what happened to Sandra will happen to me. :S

    otherwise you are fine.
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