Please tell me this is just some horrible joke..

  1. is that some 'Chiclets' pack of gum attached to the
  2. Yes what color would you like?:nuts:
  3. Oh dear....this is so sad.
  4. Wow...i think it's a joke LOL
  5. I would give the seller some credit for not making claims about authenticity.:biggrin:
  6. I think it is quite nice, NOT!
  7. my eyes are bleeding
  8. ewwww.. even if it were real, i wouldn't get it. >.<
  9. it looks like a weird version of the american flag on right side lol
  10. I guess if you want a wallet in this style, you just pass the gum around? :biggrin:
    Unreal, literally...
  11. who knew eBay could provide so much entertainment?