Please tell me this is Authentic...

  1. I just BIN this and I think its too good to be true. I zoomed in on the pic and the Qee is Authentic. And it says it 100% Authentic so if it isnt I can always file a claim with Paypal.. Oh boy.. Sorry I am rambling, its just I am nervous and Hubby is going to be mad because he told me no more bags for awhile...:sweatdrop:
  2. Congrats! I got the other two she is selling ... :smile: It looks authentic and I think she is going to unload even more bags!

    Oh boy, seller is raising prices on the remaining bag .. good thing we got them early!
  3. So it was you who beat me to buying that by one second, AAAAAHHHHH!!! :crybaby:
  4. It sure looks real to me! :tup: Congrats! Great price! :yahoo: Great bag! :drool:
  5. :crybaby::crybaby:SHE BEAT ME TOO!!! :crybaby::crybaby:

    Congrats tho!
  6. I also was trying to buy it. I'm glad that someone from the forum got it and it will be loved. But I'm still sad I didn't get it.

  7. OMG.. No way... YAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYAYYYY... I cant believe it.. I had the page open for several minutes not knowing if I should buy it or not... Then I just did it.. Of course when hubby gets home he's going to be super pissed at me, so I might have to sell one of my bags. But still WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO. I cant believe I got a Tan Playground.. OMG YAY
  8. Not that I've ever met you, but I don't think I've ever met anyone so lucky at eBay!! :wtf:
  9. Really that is a GREAT price! ;)
  10. Thanks guys.. And Congrats PinkPeony.. I remember you like Giocos.. hehe I hope she puts more for sale.. And I am happy people from TPF got it and not that flossy seller, who just resells it...
  11. Gone!
  12. Ok..issit a tPfer who got it? I don't recognize the ID ...
  13. Thanks TokiliciousJenY. I give you a hug... I'm so happy, so hugs for everyone... Omg I just remembered I have my bath running.. haha...
  14. Danelys, I don't have any Citta in my collection and I am so happy for the ABSOULTELY PERFECT CItta at retail! The last time I checked, a Citta Gioco checked out at 200 plus ... I am so terribly happy! And the OP Ciao Ciao too ... this is absolutely one of the best night on eBay for me and you!!!!