Please, Tell Me The Name Of This Beauty!!!

  1. I just saw this bag on Marie Claire magazine...OHMYGOD!!!!
    she's a wonderful bag!! do you know the name and how much does it cost?
    i wanna go to store this week, and i hope they have this treasure to see IRL:drool::love:

  2. Cathy bag.
  3. Est. retail US$3200.00:nuts:
  4. is called "wow" by me
  5. BTW, it's HUGE!!!

  6. uhm...low cost!!:rolleyes::sweatdrop:

    isn't she GORGEOUS??? i could steal for this:lol:
  7. That bag is beautiful:love: :love:
  8. That's gorgeous! WOw!
  9. I love it =)
  10. Almost the same shape as the new Polly... Pretty!
  11. i agree, it's really gorgeous!
  12. wow it's very beautiful and unique!
  13. Sooo.. I guess it's time to start saving pennies, MANY MANY pennies !
  14. How big is huge? What are the dimentions?
  15. The things we would do for a handbag! :nuts: :lol:
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