Please tell me the difference between

  1. a Cabas Mezzo and a Cabas Piano - Are they 2 different bags? Which is the one Angelina Jolie carries all the time? I've seen it called both so now I'm confused. Thx.
  2. Same shape, dif. size.
    Mezzo is a bigger one:
    Here is Piano:
  3. Jolie uses both so that might've stirred the confusion ;)

    But LV_Addict is correct, the mezzo is the bigger version of a piano. Both are absolutely gorgeous bag and I would jump on it in a second if it comes out in damier (because I rather not pay the 30% SOing fee).
  4. Thanks so much for clearing this up for me!! I also love the bag, I would want the mezzo and prefer damier - I do not like the idea of a order bag - maybe it will come out in damier.
  5. It might come out in Damier because I am sure it would be really popular! I would :love: one!
  6. i heart the mezzo! perfect as an overnight bag!
  7. Here is a pic of Beyonce with Damier Alto. It's bigger but you get an idea.:biggrin:

  8. Hi Irene,

    How can you tell this is the Alto?
  9. I love the Cabas monogram bags! Although I don't own any (yet) I have my sights set on a Piano AND a Mezzo. They are great for different things, and the Mezzo is ideal for traveling. To help keep the different sizes straight--Piano, Mezzo and Alto-- just think of them as the Italian musical dynamics! "Piano" means gentle (the small one), "Mezzo" means moderately strong (the medium one), and "Alto" means high (the large one.)
  10. It's gorgeous! :love:
  11. Because it's HUGE on her and Beyonce is not a tiny person!!! Here is a pic of me with my mono Alto:
    Looks like the same size to me.:yes:
  12. I love the way you took that shot!! The bag looks big - Is it bigger than my Saleya? does anyone know?
  13. wow that bag is gorgeous in damier :heart:
  14. Alto measures 15" x 22". Is your Saleya a GM or MM?
  15. MM