Please tell me that i made the right decision.

  1. oke ladies, need advice here.
    i went to LV today to get a perfo speedy and fringe speedy. i've never like perforated line and still can't make myself like it. i was in the store for more than 1 hour juggling my mind. another thing that put me off is the size of perfo speedy. it looked ridiculous on me :yes:.
    then, the fringe speedy is so cute and i wanted to buy it but it was the last one and on display. i don't like display bag and it has a slight mark on the handle. my SA tried to clean it off but couldn't. and the price, almost AUD 5000, made my bf :lecture:. i'm supposed to save money for our wedding next year :yes:. my SA said she could bring in another brand new fringe speedy, still in box with plastic covering, from brisbane store. she gave me time to think about it.
    so i decided not to buy the perfo speedy and the fringe speedy but got manhattan pm and pink baggy pm. but now i think i still want something from perfo line before they're all gone. i might get something else, maybe pochette accessories.
    please tell me that i'm doing the right thing not buying the fringe speedy. i know i'm supposed to save money but i'm still thinking about the fringe speedy. i have the chance to get it now but i might not get it. i know i will regret it if i don't get the fringe speedy. :hysteric: arrgghhh... i'm so confused.
    sorry about the long post ladies. need help :confused1:
  2. I hate it when I like something and don't get it, and then regret it. Get the fringe speedy.
  3. i feel your dilemma. I must admit that im not a big fan of the fringe series. but i think the perfo line is rather cute and unique. so getting the pochette might be a good thing. =)
  4. I think you did the right thing by passing on the fringe speedy. You said, you needed to save money for your wedding. Look at it this way, you were able to buy something that you wanted.:yes:
  5. thanks ladies.
    i know that i made the right decision. i just don't want to regret later that i passed on fringe speedy while i had the chance to buy it. i passed on mizi and trapeze and i regreted that.
    i know that wedding needs a lot of money and we're trying not to get help from our parents.
    i just need to keep telling myself that i made the right decision :yes:
  6. I agree..I'd rather save for the wedding.
    You just have to think whether you'll really be using that fringe speedy all that much to justify the price right now.
  7. I think you made the right decision. You got 2 great bags! :yahoo: I am not a fan of the perfo speedy either as much as I wanted to like it when it first came out. I have the pochette though and I love it. I definatly think you should pick up something from the perfo line before it's gone, even if you just get a cles, at least you'll have something.

    The fringe is kinda cool, but I think it is something that will get old really fast. At least it would for me anyway. If you find yourself still wanting the fringe you could probably find one on ebay once your wedding is all paid for. :yes:
  8. I think I would put the money you would spend on the Fringe towards your wedding. Also, I'm not crazy about the Perfo Speedy personally, but I do like the small Perfo items. I've got a Perfo Cles and Plate, and my daughter has the Pochette. Go for a small Perfo item so you'll have a piece from the collection before it's gone.
  9. If you need to save up you really should.

    I find the fringe really cute IRL but pictures doesn't justify the beauty.
    As long as your happy and satisfied with your current purchase don't think so much.
  10. thanks ladies for your support. that's why i love this place :flowers:.
    and yes, i've got 2 great bags :yahoo:and i hope i'll have a great wedding too. and i hope i won't be dreaming about fringe speedy tonight :P
  11. my SA called today asking about the fringe speedy and i told her that i would pass on that :yes:. i know i might regret this later :crybaby: but whatever.....
    just want to let my heart out. my collections are from the courtesy of my loving parents. since i'm getting married next year i've been trying to cut down on my spending to support our wedding fund which is not much of a success:P. we're trying not to get help or as little as possible from our parents. my bf/fiance is a great guy, he taught me a lot of things in life like how to appreciate money and how lucky i am. if i keep spending the way i am now after married, it would be a big problem :P. i will need to prioritised on a different things such as buying a house. since we're planning to have kids, it will be a priority too because kids expenses nowadays are so expensive.
    it reminds me of the episode of sex and the city where carrie went to her friend's kid's bday party and she lost her shoes. remember when the friend said she's had different priorities now? that might just be me one day :yes:. i might have to just buy 1 or 2 bags a year rather than 8 or 10 :P.
    but i have so many bags on my list now and the list will go on and on and now i always think twice before buying. i hope i can manage this hard situation and fill up the wedding fund "piggy bank". i want to be a good wife, no... i want to be a great wife and mother.
    btw, i sold my ribera mini today as i see myself don't carry it much. but i'm going to HK next month which means i might add something to my collections from the courtesy of my parents again. :hysteric: arrgghhh life is so hard. i want to save money but the temptation is too great.
    anyway, thanks for the advice ladies. sorry if my post is too long.
  12. dee I think you made the right decision not getting the fringe speedy. The money you would spend on that would be a nice little chunk of change for your wedding fund. It may feel a little uncomfortable right now not getting that bag, but think how happy you will be in the long run on your wedding day when you know you were able to save and pay for it!
  13. I agree you made the right choice. Save for that special day:yahoo:
  14. dee, i too believe that you've made the right decisions, i think it you really have to choose between having a bag and having a great wedding, you'd choose the wedding.. you'd only get one chance at weddings so you want it to be as perfect as possible, whereas a bag, you can purchase later on in the future =)
  15. I may be the only one that thinks you made the wrong choice, but it's just because you are still thinking of the fringe speedy. No matter how great what you got it... if that is not what you really wanted you won't be happy. I say if what you really want is the Fringe Speedy then return the other two and just get one, but let that one be the one you really really want... You will enjoy that one more than if you got 5 in it's place... JMO