Please tell me more about the "X 12345" stamped H bag

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  1. I saw a bag with "X 12345 "stamp and HD stamp (photo as below).
    any special meaning? many thanks.

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  2. you are asking about marks that may or may not be related to authenticity. we don't discuss such items as not to provide information that could support counterfeiting.
  3. What txoceangirl said! I don't think you will find opinions on authenticity on this forum (except in the authenticate thread).

    But...I guess if you are just curious...I believe it means staff purchase bags. The number links to the employee. I wouldn't buy these pre-loved (at least not at market price) because of the potential problems associated with such (staff bags are never supposed to be re-sold). It's the same as S 12345 stamps.
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  4. yes, I just curious.
    thanks for your reply, momoc!
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  5. I believe the marks mean this bag was sold to an H employee at their employee sale.
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  6. This question does not relate to authenticity. I think it is an interesting and valid question.
    The stamps are on bags bought by Hermes employees.
  7. Not an authenticity q but similar to a shooting star - important to understand what it means and impact on value.
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  8. Hey everyone. We are keeping this thread open for now as the OP is merely asking about the meaning of the marks on her bag. Thank you for the reports but this does not violate our rules and is not, as it stands, going to tip off anyone wanting to make a fake bag. Thanks!!