Please tell me more about RM leather..

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  1. Hi everyone! this is my first post here and needing your help..
    I'm a Hello Kitty fanatic since I was 7 years old and I was looking at today and noticed a Rebecca Minkoff leather tote for Hello Kitty, orig price was $650.00 but is now marked down to $325.00. Is that a good price for an RM leather tote?
    Here are pics for references and TIA:flowers:

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    anyone? :tumbleweed:
  3. $325 for a brand new RM bag is an excellent price! However, I'm not too familiar with the line that RM did for Sanrio, and how that leather compares with her regular line. Though I can't imagine RM putting her name on something that is anything less than her typical standards.
  4. I'm not too familiar with that particular bag, either, but I am familiar with the glazed espresso color leather and I LOVE it - it's one of my favorites!! There's a hello kitty tote (the same one) on ebay right now listed for $425 + $23 shipping, so I would say the $325 price is way better!
  5. Thanks ladies!
  6. I think it is a great price.
  7. I love the lining on that bag! And just so you know, only 50 were made of each of the RM Hello Kitty styles...certainly a collector's item and so cute! Did you see that the hardware has a little Hello Kitty on it? Good luck!
  8. Very cute and that seems like a great price.:yes:
  9. The leather looks smooth and buttery. I'm not familiar with her Sanrio line either but this bag is really cute. The bag's shape is like a cat's face, so cute!
  10. I own the smaller brown HK RM bag, which is on ebay right now but not the Sanrio site. I was told that the black one is really big by the Sanrio SA in NYC. The bag is a little dull but has really cute touchs, the linning and the hardward has HK face. All that said, Yes the price is really good! There was only 50 made of each style.