Please tell me it will turn out OK?

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  1. I was cleaning our rear projection tube TV and my son got ahold of the windex and he sprayed it all over the screen and now the base of my screen is not right when the TV is on. You can tell the water seeped around the inside of the screen. I will not tell my husband about if I don't have to (we rarely use this TV. I was just cleaning the tape residue on the back so we can sell it!!! :Push::wtf::sad:
  2. I don't know ... you will probably have to wait until it completely dries out to see if it will still work. I wouldn't worry too much about it, you don't use it ... and I hate to say it but it will be very hard to sell a rear projection tube TV now since flat screens are the norm now.
  3. I know... we don't expect much for the TV, so if it ends up being a loss... well, worse things can happen, but DH will still be mad.

    I just did a search and it looks like it should dry out fine. It works, just has wetness between the layers... I'll just keep hush-hush about it so I don't have to hear "how could you let X get to the Windex" blah, blah, blah... so easy to say when you aren't the one with the kid to watch!
  4. I think it should dry out ok. Well i hope so anyway! Goodluck
  5. Yikes!! I hope it will be okay. I'm sure it will be once it has time to totally dry out.

    I know what you mean though. My husband said that same thing when my youngest, who was about 1.5 or 2 at the time, got a hold of a purple permanent marker and drew ALL OVER a window sill. A white window sill. Thankfully 45 minutes and a couple of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers took care of it. But yeah, he was pretty ticked!
  6. I kinda laughed when I read this post because the same thing happened to us a few years ago. We have a rear projection also and when my son was about 2, he somehow scratched the plastic cover that is over the screen. My husband spent hours on the phone with Toshiba trying to figure out if that part could be replaced. Funny thing is, noone even knew what he was talking about so to this day it is still scratched. Then about a year ago the same son sprayed something on the tv and it seeped around the bottom edge and was very noticeable. Once it dried it was okay but honestly I can still see the edge of the watermark in certain lights. Hopefully yours will dry and be fine, but when I read your thread it just reminded me of that. We would love to have a new tv but we decided that we wouldn't get a new one until our boys are older.:yes:
  7. windex dries fine when sprayed on a rear projection screen,My son has done that as well!!
  8. I have read now in several places that Windex will dry better than water will since windex is designed to dry clear.... DH examined the glue strips gone from the back of the tv (he was excited about that!), but I managed to shield the front (you can see the moisture line when the TV is off). Hope it dries SOON!!!

    I have to admit, I was a little bummed about the windex because I had just spent Two HOURS removing tape residue from all over the back of the TV which had been there since we got it. We can't see it the way the tv is positioned, so I never bothered, but to sell it, I had to get rid of the gunk.
  9. :love:Oh my goodness that was so cute he was trying to help though!!! (I take it that it was the little one? They're both such cuties!!!)

    When my sister was around 3 or 4 she took a key and keyed the side of my mother's car with a picture of our family.... she even put the dog in there!! I remember I was cracking up! My mother just smiled at her and told her next time to please draw on paper because you're not supposed to draw on cars, just like walls. She did express love for the thought and effort that my sister put into it (I mean she did a pretty good job for being so young!). It is those situations that remind me of what great parents I had. I'm sure quite a few would have spanked the ever loving life out of their children after that.
  10. ^^^ I know, I couldn't really be mad at him because he sees it's like a window and I let him clean our windows (where he can reach) since it's like his favorite activity (that and loading and unloading the washer and dryer). He loves to help. I sure hope those helping habits STAY.