Please tell me I'm not the only one...

  1. Who has MJ bags in my closet that have not been used yet.
  2. um...i wish!
  3. Yes, but to be fair, it's only been about 7 weeks since I bought the bag I haven't used yet. I bought my Silver Camilla at the beginning of Nov. but haven't used it yet. :angel:
  4. I do have 1 MJ bag tags still on that I have not used. It's a spearmint MP that I plan on breaking out come spring.
  5. You're not the only one... :whistle:
  6. i have mj bags that i've only worn a couple of times, but i've carried all of my mj bags at least once.
  7. You're not the only one. I bought a Navy Venetia when those first came out that sat in my closet in the dustbag for well over a month, tags still on. I love love loved it... but just never carried it, so I finally took it back. My funniest story is the Ursula Quilted Tote in Cola. Loved it, bought it, and it sat in the dustbag... finally took it back. Then later that same day, I decided I was crazy... called back and re-bought it. Then a week later after still not carrying it, took it back again. Tags never came off it the entire time. Now, a year later, I swoon whenever I see someone with one and wish I'd kept it! Sigh...
  8. You're not alone! I have 2 (beige Julianne and chocolate Ines) that are hiding in their dust bags until I feel I can introduce each without DH throwing a hissy, since I bought a pricey Jimmy Choo in November. I did get a great sale price on each (50% off on Julianne and 40% off on Ines), but somehow I don't think the fact that I saved about a grand will excuse the fact that I spent $1500 in his eyes, LOL!
  9. You definitely aren't the only one! I still haven't taken my taupe Stam, bordeaux Camilla or grey E/W Mix Quilted Tote out for a spin. Some of it is due to the bad weather but mostly I blame these irresistible sales. :angel:
  10. Guilty!
  11. Me, too! I have my White Chiffon Stam that still has the tags on it. I am afraid to use it. I don't want it to get dirty! I will bring it out for Spring, though.
  12. haha, somehow I knew I would not be alone. ;)

    I think there is only one bag I have not officially used (the Original Grape hobo) and that is because it's just so perfect! I have found that it is harder for me to use BRAND NEW bags vs. previously-loved strange.
  13. I'm like that also...I have a hard time breaking in a new bag...I guess I want to keep it fresh spanking new.
  14. GUILTY!!!!! I still haven't used my black blake w/ gold h/w & matching zc!!! I know I know...but I use my red blake from Thanksgiving until Christmas...and I have been switching bags since then....going away this weekend so I already switched to my trusty black mp.....I am DEFINITELY going to put it into my rotation next week....!!!!!!!
  15. OH SHOOT!!!! I just remembered I also haven't used that Chic bag I just had to have....OMG Emmy is bad bad bad!!!!