Please tell me I'm not crazy!

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  1. least not COMPLETELY crazy!

    I am in love with the Barlow. I ordered several different ones, including two of the large Python Barlows. (I think they are stunning, and I just couldn't decide. They were on sale on - cheaper than I love Dooney - so I went for it!)

    I've enjoyed my white one so much, I'd not yet had a chance to break them out. Over the weekend, I found them on I love Dooney for half off. Bummer!

    So, I realized I was within my return window. I boxed them up, sent them on, and reordered them at the newly discounted price.

    Hey! Now I have some funds for another bag!
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  2. Bravo! Smart girl. What colors did you get?
  3. T-Moro and Denim. I can't wait until they arrive....again!
  4. That's awesome! That's one thing I've learned on this forum....patience brings extra $$$ to my wallet. :yahoo:
  5. Not crazy at all! I've done the same thing before! Enjoy your new bags and now u have extra money for another bag! ;)
  6. I ordered a lizard zip zip from Macy's during a great sale with 30% extra off. Then this week I ordered another color at 20% extra off the sale price... good but not as great. The next day I got an email for 25% off select handbags. I called Macys and got a price adjustment. They said 14 days for price adjustment. I wonder if I could have ordered a second one at the better price if I'd called within 14 days of ordering the first one????? Next time I'll try.
  7. Ok, you have cobalt, what color did you grab this time around LJ?
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