Please tell me if this GAUCHO is authentic?

  1. Hi Fruitteller!

    This Gaucho is authentic:nuts:!!!

    In the furture, please post all authentication questions in the AUTHENTICATE THIS!!!! thread that has been stickied to the top of this subforum.
  2. Dear MayDay,

    Thank you so muchfor your advice. So the bag is authentic huh?
    Thanks, its amazing how you can tell just like that. After seeing so many fakes in the street of Thailand and China, I am paranoid.
    thanks again.
  3. There are quite a few details that cannot be replicated on the is the washed leather which has been treated with black wax. Fakes are made of vinyl (although they claim to be made of leather, they are actually made of vinyl), and the washed vinyl appearance has a plasticky texture that doesn't compare with the real Gaucho leather. The real Gaucho has this greasy shine to it...fakes have a polished shine (but it's not always easy to tell this in pictures if the lighting is too bright; the flash on a camera, on the other hand, can highlight this detail to an extreme).

    And the other detail are the lambskin links: They are almost always too clean in appearance on the fakes. The real lambskin links have been finished with black wax as well, and they usually look darkened and very dirty.
  4. please post all autneticy questions in the corret thread. :yes: