please tell me if this dress and shoe look as bad as I think?

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  1. A friend came over today and was helping me put some outfits together since my closet is like the closet from he*l with a lot that just doesn't go together....I am re-vamping it.

    I thought this dress would look good with some turquoise shoes and a brown bag, turquoise bag, or yellow bag....friend thought these shoes with the dress am I off or is the friend off? I am confused!!! The dress has brown in it in the bigger flowers and the wedge on the Prada shoe is black!:cursing:

  2. I personally wouldn't wear purple with that dress- there are so many pretty colors in it already- I don't think it needs another one added! Esp black wedges with brown in the dress.

    I think you were right on with the turquoise.
  3. Phew! ok!!! Thank you:smile: I thought I was losing my sense of fashion for a sec...she told me my choices were boring...I just thought the Prada shoe was better to punch up a black outfit...I hate trying to pull stuff together! :sweatdrop:
  4. I think you are right with the turquoise shoes. It brings out the brightest color in the dress, turquoise. It doesn't make sense to add purple to the outfit because it just doesn't match. It makes it more busy..where as the turquoise shoes will accent the dress. I'm not sure if that makes sense. Those Prada shoes look cute though :yes:
  5. I actually think those shoes would look cute with that dress! I can't stand people who are too matchy. I can't STAND IT!!
  6. I don't mind the purple as much I wouldn't like the black heel with that dress.
  7. I vote for turquoise shoes. Purple just clashes.. and not even in a nice way.
  8. Thanks! Turquoise it is :yes: Now just to find a shoe LOL
  9. Do you mean bag? If so, you should go with a clutch. I'm not sure what style or's hard for me to tell since you can't really see the shape of the dress in your picture. Something other than turquoise though. You don't want to look too matchy. You will look great I bet! :yes:
  10. I like the purple patent with the dress! I think it makes it more modern and unusual! however, i think the black wedge probably makes the look too heavy.. if they had a silver sole it would be super fantastic!!
  11. priiin...I am thinking turquoise shoes and maybe a subdued yellow clutch. I am in Florida so we are still warm here!;)
  12. That would look nice :yes:
  13. Hi
    I agree with you...I would go with your initial picks...:tup:it seems like you have better fashion sense than your friend..just follow your instincts..some people have it..some just don't!!!

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